Oke Umurhohwo Foundation Launches “Bloom Project” for Widows and Single Mothers in Ufouma Community, Delta State

The Oke Umurhohwo Foundation (OUF) proudly unveils the “Bloom Project,” aimed at empowering widows and single mothers in Ufouma, Delta State.

Under the guidance of Oluwakemi Adegoke, an executive at OUF, the Bloom Project is a result of months of planning. It’s designed to provide support to these women, offering essential items and financial advice.

On March 15th, 2024, the Bloom Project was realized, offering food items and financial literacy sessions. Led by experienced facilitators, these sessions equipped participants with practical skills for financial management.

Oluwakemi Adegoke expressed excitement for the project’s impact, stating, “Our aim is to equip these women with the tools they need to navigate their financial journey confidently.”

Hon. Oke Umurhohwo, representing the Foundation, thanked supporters for their contributions, emphasizing the Foundation’s commitment to initiatives that promote social inclusion and economic empowerment.

The Bloom Project sets a precedent for future community-driven initiatives, demonstrating the Foundation’s dedication to uplifting marginalized communities.

Edima Sharon Bassey, OUF’s director, echoed this commitment, highlighting the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to foster positive change in Delta State and beyond.

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